A lot of food safety studies have shown that correct food handling significantly decreases and in some cases, eliminates completely food born illnesses. It is a vital aspect to keep public safe while handling and serving food.

“Hand washing is a simple and effective but easily overlooked way to reduce cross-contamination and the transmission of foodborne pathogens. In this study, we used the propensity score matching methodology to account for potential selection bias to explore our hypothesis that always washing hands before food preparation tasks is associated with a reduction in the probability of reported foodborne illness. Using the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's 2010 Food Safety Survey, we estimated the effect of self-reported hand washing behavior on the probability of self-reported foodborne illness. Our results indicate that reported washing of hands with soap always before food preparation leads to a reduction in the probability of reported foodborne illness…” Self-Reported Hand Washing Behaviors and Foodborne Illness: A Propensity Score Matching Approach, Journal of Food Protection, Vol. 77, No. 3, 2014, Pages 352-358

Therefore, EFOODTRAINER provides Food Handler Certificate Program to increase the quality of food handler’s job skills and serve food to the public safely.


EFOODTRAINER Food Handler course is developed based on Food Code 2017 established by The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), American National Institute Standards (ANSI) standards and requirements, State’s and local jurisdictions food safety requirements for individuals working in food handling and serving facilities. Our certificate program includes 2-hour of online learning material and course test.

After completing EFOODTRAINER Food Handler Certification Program and successfully passing course test, trainees will have:

How to get a Food Handler Certificate?
Just sign up, pay the course fee, take 2-hour course, take and pass final test and get your certificate, download and print it right away.